jessica amélie marie (iatemyhomework) wrote in wmhs_band,
jessica amélie marie

Well, guys...
the Gator Bowl is coming up in 6 days. Which is really creepy. I remember saying, "YAY Gator Bowl in 121 days!" but wow. It's really happening now and it's really coming soon.

So does everyone have their music memorized? There's just a few more measures in R&R I need to look over, so I think I'm going to be in good shape when we go down there. I don't know about you guys, but memorizing that song was kinda hard for me! I never have any trouble with show music, but this I did.

Don't forget: practice on Tuesday 12-27 from 2-4! And make sure you bring everything that needs to go on the truck unless you plan on coming back at 6.
I don't remember if this was on the sheet Mrs. Murchison just sent us in the mail, but don't forget your IDs/drivers licences either, we'll need them to get past security at the airport.

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